Data Backup & Data Recovery Services In Pittsburgh

Most data loss is caused by four factors:

  1. Human error. Someone accidentally deleted or altered a file or made it inaccessible. Or, someone accidentally sent a file to the wrong person. A user may have also accidentally formatted a hard drive, wiping out all the onboard files.
  2. Equipment malfunction. A drive malfunctioned, or a server suddenly shut down and could not be opened. In some cases, a file may have been corrupted.
  3. Malicious attack. Someone stole a file or held data for ransom.
  4. Physical damage. A natural disaster or fire destroyed the hardware. Someone may have spilled water or coffee on a drive or a computer, thus, zapping the files.

If you have recently experienced data loss for any of these reasons, you may feel completely hopeless and wonder if there is any way to get the data back.

The answer is Yes, in many cases, you can get the data back.

However, what if there was a solution to keep you from losing the data in the first place? That solution exists. Before we go any further, let’s discuss how data recovery works, why outsourcing your data storage and management is a good idea, and how data loss prevention will save your digital assets.

How Does Data Recovery Work?

Data recovery Pittsburgh companies employ various means for recovering data depending on the circumstances and the software they use to retrieve the data. Typically, a service can retrieve files that you did not back up or that you accidentally deleted from your computer’s file system. These files may not appear to be in the system. However, fragments of the file still linger on the hard disk.

Data recovery specialists can recover your files by identifying the fragment locations (usually file allocation tables or FATs that are not working properly). If the file exists and it is not damaged or encrypted, then the specialist can recover it in the tables. If the file is damaged, missing, or encrypted, there may be other methods for recovering it. Even if the file is physically damaged, a technician may be able to recover it. For this reason, you should never totally give up on trying to get your files back.

Why Outsourcing Data Recovery is a Smart Investment

By placing your lost data in the hands of professionals, you have a greater chance of recovering it and keep it intact. Right Hand offers a wide range of recovery services that help you access your data once again.

You can trust our professionals to take additional care with your data, drives, software, and hardware to retrieve your missing information. Our services include:

  • Hard drive data recovery
  • Flash drives, SSD, and other digital devices
  • RAID repair
  • Computer forensics
  • Data tape repair
  • Virtual server repair

We utilize specialized equipment to retrieve your data regardless of what device or drive it is located on. Our processes and technology allow us to recover your data without damaging it safely. By using advanced technology, we can successfully recover and restore your data over 90% of the time. When you receive your files back, they will be as good as new.

This is why outsourcing data recovery to Right Hand is a smart investment.

Data Backup and Recovery Services: A Better Solution

As a business owner in Pittsburgh, you can’t afford to lose your files or suffer through downtime as you are waiting to get your data back from our offices. A better solution is to protect your data so that you never lose it for any reason.

Right Hand offers complete outsourced data backup and storage services for all types of businesses in Pittsburgh. We provide a broad spectrum of solutions for storing, accessing, and protecting your data so that you never have to worry about losing it again.

Some of our services include:

Cloud-Based Services

Our cloud-based services allow you to move your storage to a secure, centralized location where you always have access to it on any device from any location in the world. Cloud platforms are reliable, scalable, and easy to use.

Virtual Servers

Virtual servers are essentially-cloud based systems that store your data on a more reliable system. The greatest benefit to virtual servers is that they ensure that your data is safe regardless of what happens on-site. If your business experiences a natural disaster, security breach, power outage, equipment failure, or other emergencies, you can feel confident that your files are tucked away on a virtual server at a far away location.

Data Backup

It never hurts to have more than one copy of each file. However, backup your files on a local server, you may quickly discover just how much space they take up. Right Hand solves this problem by backup your files up on a separate server. We provide data backup storage with unlimited space for all of your files. By having multiple copies of your files in two different locations, you don’t have to worry about losing data or slowing down your network with too many files.

Data Security

In addition to storing your data, we can also eliminate unauthorized access to your data by storing it in a secure, cloud-based, encrypted server. Even if you do become the victim of a breach, users cannot get to your most private files if they are located off-site.

Data Recovery & Storage Services in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Right Hand works with healthcare providers, law firms, oil & gas companies, manufacturing companies, and financial services across the Greater Pittsburgh Area. We can help you discover and implement solutions for protecting and storing your data. We help you become more efficient and profitable through the use of computers, mobile devices, servers and other technology that drive your business.

For a free consultation, contact us today at (412) 254-4448. You can also message us at [email protected] or start an online chat. We are here to help you!