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Gain insight of existing plans and improve them

The Cybersecurity Risk & Maturity Assessment (CSMA) is a gap analysis and risk assessment that uses cybersecurity best practices and recognized cyber frameworks to answer important questions surrounding your existing security program.

The goal of the assessment is to provide a view of your current security posture, an objective review of existing plans, and a guide to strategic planning. This is a valuable tool for improving your cybersecurity efforts, as well as communicating with upper management and getting necessary support.

Risk & Maturity Assessment

Let Right Hand do an assessment against a mature framework. We can do a “light assessment” based on the data you provide us or a “trust but verify” assessment, which includes a broader scope of your systems and controls.

After we have reviewed your systems and controls, we do a gap report and review it with your team. We want to make sure everyone agrees on the gaps, and then we can build the initiatives from there.

Our Process


Map your assets

We need to thoroughly understand your organization’s assets. We then generate a complete map of potentially vulnerable assets. This includes hardware and all applications (whether human or processes), along with all data storage containers.


Identify threats

With your asset inventory, we can begin to identify the vulnerabilities and threats for each asset. We use various tests and risk assessment software tools to help in this process.


Prioritize risk

Next, we will help you prioritize your risks by giving each vulnerability a risk rating so you can prepare your remediation plans. You can assess your overall remediation budget against the risk and impacts of each threat or vulnerability.


Develop controls

For any given vulnerability, several types of security controls may be considered, including Physical Security Controls, Administrative Security Controls, and Technical Security Controls.


Document results

Effective risk assessment reports will condense the results of the various threat and vulnerability assessments in a concise threat ranking that provides a visual prioritization of your remediation plan


Create a plan

Now that risk ratings are determined and the order in which you will address vulnerabilities, we will help you create a detailed vulnerability remediation plan. This includes the basic, high-level steps for each remediation process and the associated costs.



Your team should now assign each item in the remediation plan to the appropriate team. Assignments should include realistic time frames for completion. In addition, you should indicate steps that teams can take to monitor the effectiveness of their remediation efforts, as well as any necessary reporting workflows.


Evaluate & Repeat

Since risk assessments are never static processes, they require ongoing monitoring and optimization.

Why Choose Right Hand?

Most cybersecurity firms do 1 thing for your business. We do 3 – which makes us unique.


We Get the Big Picture

Most cybersecurity firms focus on one issue in your IT infrastructure such as network monitoring, creating backups, or disaster recovery. They see only a small piece of your business. We take a strategic look at the whole picture. In today’s interconnected world, managing cybersecurity should not be done in silos. Our high-level experts provide broad, integrated solutions that can meet all of your security needs.



We build a cybersecurity culture, and process plays a key role. We start with onboarding and get well-acquainted with you and your business. Then we move to a system and priority review, followed by a gap analysis. Next, we establish a roadmap and timeline for remediations. We continue to meet with you to offer guidance and assess progress.



Unlike other cybersecurity firms, we don’t hand you a report or assessment and walk away. We meet with your IT and executive teams, explain your situation clearly, listen to your priorities, and show you the solutions. We believe in governance-driven results–evaluating the performance of the measures taken and continually making improvements that align with your business goals.

We Can Help!

Right Hand Technology Group is CompTIA Security Trustmark+™ certified and has been ranked as one of the top Managed Service Providers in the world. Our experienced staff of Cybersecurity Professionals and Security Engineers have been working with various industries on cybersecurity for more than 20 years. 

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