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What is your cybersecurity posture?

A Virtual CISO is an outsourced security leader who facilitates risk management and implements the steps to secure your business and protect your data. When you can’t find a cybersecurity expert—or can’t afford one.

A Virtual CISO (VCISO) is the perfect solution.

The loss of sensitive data can cost a business millions of dollars and severely damage its reputation. The Virtual CISO helps any business—from startups and small organizations to mid-level companies and enterprises—build a robust security capability that focuses on network protection and long-term cyber resiliency.

As the threat landscape continues to grow, your customers want to be sure they can trust you. A recent survey by Gartner reveals that 56% of customers (B2B and B2C) are concerned about the cybersecurity posture of the organizations they do business with.

Do you have the people in place to secure your data?
If not, we can help.

sixty three percent

of businesses have unfilled cybersecurity positions.

sixty two percent

have understaffed teams.

(Survey by the Information Systems Audit and Control Association—ISACA)

Here’s what a Right Hand Tech vCISO will do for you:

Cybersecurity Program Management

The vCISO leads a strategic approach to managing your information security program, which includes understanding your organization’s information and system assets and establishing long-term risk management strategies.

Compliance Management

We make sure you adhere to mandated requirements of the laws and regulations in your internal policies and contract obligations.

Gap Identification and Analysis

We will do a gap review of your system framework, looking for any weaknesses, particularly in processes and procedures. These could include inadequate backups, flimsy firewalls, or missing policies, along with password mismanagement, social engineering, and fraud.

Direction on Gap Remediation

We discuss the gaps in your framework with you, then build a list of prioritized remediations that will secure your system. We create and execute a roadmap and timeline to ensure we are meeting all security-related KPIs (key performance indicators).

Project Management

We work closely with you to determine project goals and resolve activities into documented, monitored, and controlled tasks. As problem solvers, we navigate the constant changes in your organization’s critical infrastructure, safeguarding your assets.

Project Scope Development

Before we begin any assignment, we carefully scope out what the project will involve, discuss it with you, and reach an agreement about how best to proceed. It’s important we agree on the tasks, timeline, and priorities. We want everyone to be on the same page.

Data Gathering

We conduct a systematic approach to collecting and analyzing your IT, operational, and personal data for security intelligence. Our concerns include how data enters your system, how it is used, and how it leaves your business. We test the confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of the information to determine if your infrastructure is functioning properly with the right security controls in place.

Vendor Screening Process Development

Vendors are third-party service providers, suppliers, or contractors, typically outside of an organization’s direct control and a potential security risk. We review your vendors and take the appropriate steps so that your investment is maximized while threats are minimized. You need to be confident your vendors are effectively managing their information, data, and cyber security.

Client Security Liaison

As a liaison, we serve as the point of contact for both your IT department and executive team. We’ll set up a steering committee to present the security risks and lay out a roadmap that explains the necessary remediations. In addition, we can arrange for the auditors, do the pre-work with them, and coordinate all activities.

Day-to-Day Security Guidance

An information security program is never static. That’s why we enjoy building relationships with our clients and working closely with them on a continual basis. We serve as your partner and coach because improvements will always need to be made, including making new assessments, correcting vulnerabilities and updating policies.

We Can Help!

Right Hand Technology Group is CompTIA Security Trustmark+™ certified and has been ranked as one of the top Managed Service Providers in the world. Our experienced staff of Cybersecurity Professionals and Security Engineers have been working with various industries on cybersecurity for more than 20 years. 

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