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Harness the Power of Cloud Services

Cloud computing is transforming the way organizations buy and consume software and IT services. More and more companies are turning to cloud-based offerings as a way to reduce costs and improve their efficiency. From office productivity solutions like Microsoft 365 to advanced cloud options like Microsoft Azure, hundreds of thousands of organizations are using the cloud.

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a better position from which to scale and innovate.

The benefit that organizations can gain from cloud-based services is significant and game-changing.

Reduced Cost

One main benefit of cloud computing is cost reduction. Cloud solutions typically cost a fraction of comparable on-premise alternatives.


Security is often the biggest concern of organizations when evaluating cloud solutions. Prevent and recover from data loss.

Increased Scalability

Is your organization experiencing rapid growth? Do you need to deploy new applications or services faster?

Reduced Overhead

With Cloud-based solutions, you have fewer servers, fewer software licenses, and less staff to manage.

E-Commerce Platforms

With existing cloud-based e-commerce platforms, it is possible to start an online store in just a few minutes.

Customer Relationships

Managing customer data and sales processes is vital for every organization.

Collaboration Solutions

Available for support 24 hours, 7 days a week. Rest easy knowing your business is in good hands at any time of day.


Cloud-based solutions, maintained and monitored by Right Hand Tech, offer organizations access to technology and highly skilled personnel.

24/7 Support

What is managed it services?

Managed IT Services is an IT support strategy that puts you in the driver’s seat. Instead of waiting for your systems to break down and then waiting AGAIN for a break/fix IT repair specialist to come and fix the problem, Managed IT Services provides proactive IT support, maintenance, monitoring, and security. Instead of surprise break/fix bills, you will have easily-predictable, monthly subscription payments. It’s just that simple. One payment covers everything.

How Much Does Managed IT Service Cost?

You already know that every organization is different. Because of the differences in size and network complexity, it’s impossible to give a simple answer to this question without a conversation. However, we’d be happy to go through the numbers with you. Just ask! Schedule a free discussion with us today to find out how to improve your IT infrastructure.

Improve, scale, and advance your business

The benefit that organizations can gain from cloud-based services is significant and game-changing. The adoption of cloud computing is a reality among organizations across all industries that helps reduce the amount of hardware involved in your technological infrastructure by keeping your data accessible via the cloud.

Improved Safety

Cost Efficiency




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