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With the growing threat of cyberattacks and data breaches—and the potential costs they can lead to—businesses today must have cybersecurity policies in place.

Security policies define the main risks within an organization and provide guidelines on how to reduce these risks. These policies lay a comprehensive foundation for building a culture of protection for your IT organization. They help to safeguard the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your systems and data.

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custom security policies based on your assets and risks. Ensuring that all systems and processes are equally secured is nearly impossible without defined policies.

Here are some of the specific types of policies that Right Hand can assist you with:

Comprehensive security policy

A complete network security policy is a battle plan that guides your organization, ensuring that your data and network is guarded from potential security threats. Having a policy in place makes it possible to coordinate and enforce a security program and communicate security measures to third parties and external auditors.

Business continuity policy

A cyberattack can cause a major business disruption across departments and severely impact day-to-day operations, both in the short and long term. Every time your network or servers experience downtime, your business suffers an interruption in business continuity, which can have painful financial consequences. The business continuity policy, with a predetermined set of instructions and procedures, is designed to keep your business operations up and running despite an attack.

Incident response policy

As part of your business continuity plan, the incidence response policy outlines your organization’s response to an information security event. It identifies your response team and the role of each member, providing information about your system such as network and data flow diagrams, hardware inventory, and logging data. Furthermore, it outlines actions, means, and resources used to identify and recover compromised data.

Vendor management policy

Companies need a set of internal standards to address the process by which they acquire and manage their vendors. The Vendor Management Policy helps a business protect itself from cyber attacks originating through third-party vendor networks. The policy should include an assessment of each vendor’s ability to create, receive, maintain, or transmit confidential data on behalf of the company.

Why Choose Right Hand?

Most cybersecurity firms do 1 thing for your business. We do 3 – which makes us unique.


We Get the Big Picture

Most cybersecurity firms focus on one issue in your IT infrastructure such as network monitoring, creating backups, or disaster recovery. They see only a small piece of your business. We take a strategic look at the whole picture. In today’s interconnected world, managing cybersecurity should not be done in silos. Our high-level experts provide broad, integrated solutions that can meet all of your security needs.



We build a cybersecurity culture, and process plays a key role. We start with onboarding and get well-acquainted with you and your business. Then we move to a system and priority review, followed by a gap analysis. Next, we establish a roadmap and timeline for remediations. We continue to meet with you to offer guidance and assess progress.



Unlike other cybersecurity firms, we don’t hand you a report or assessment and walk away. We meet with your IT and executive teams, explain your situation clearly, listen to your priorities, and show you the solutions. We believe in governance-driven results–evaluating the performance of the measures taken and continually making improvements that align with your business goals.

We Can Help!

Right Hand Technology Group is CompTIA Security Trustmark+™ certified and has been ranked as one of the top Managed Service Providers in the world. Our experienced staff of Cybersecurity Professionals and Security Engineers have been working with various industries on cybersecurity for more than 20 years. 

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