Server & Desktop Virtualization Technologies

Do you find your business constantly cluttered and still needing room for more servers?

Do you want to reduce costs without cutting corners or having to compromise on essential business needs?

Virtualization can help you do all that and more without any extra work.

What Is Virtualization?

In the simplest terms, Virtualization refers to the act of creating virtual versions of multiple pieces of hardware on a single piece of equipment.

This can include everything from Virtual desktops where multiple PC’s are being run off of a single piece of hardware, to storage and even network resources.

The idea behind it all is the same – using one machine to run a number of different virtual machines.

Why Should You Go Virtual?

Virtualization is not a new concept and has been around and used by businesses and governmental organizations around the world for years. – Why?

  1. Cost: It is cost effective to buy a single piece of technology that is doing the work of dozens or even more – saving capital.
    • Reduced hardware costs – no up-front capital expenditures on new servers or PC’s
    • Less energy consumption – reducing expenses while helping your business go green
    • Reduced maintenance and upkeep costs – All technology requires regular upkeep to maintain its level of efficiency. Virtualization saves the cost of physically maintaining a piece of hardware.
  1. Space: Need to free up some room for expansion in the office? It’s plain how much space you will be saving when you can get the work of a dozen computers out of one.
  2. Time: With virtual machines, you can easily update, restore, or change system settings from one central interface whenever required – saving you hundreds of man-hours. This results in faster provisioning of applications, higher IT productivity, and greater agility.
  3. Secure: Since the data is saved on closed-ended servers instead of desktops that are easily accessed, all of your confidential information is kept secure. With simple backup and restoration protocols, you can have peace of mind that no company data will be lost.
  4. Scalable: Virtual machines are some of the easiest to scale to meet business needs. The addition of a single hardware unit can give enough resources to make numerous virtual endpoints. So, whether you are scaling up or down, it’s all made simple.
  5. Simplified Data Management: all your data accessible from one central location

We work with VMWare, Hyper-V and other leading platforms to give you the virtual IT environment you need for your specific work processes.

Need to migrate your current virtual servers or workstations?

The Right Hand team will help you move your server workloads from one virtual workspace to another without the hassle and high cost that usually come with such an endeavor.

Right Hand Technologies is a leader in virtualization services. We know what works, what doesn’t work, and the best practices to make adopting a virtual environment smooth and painless.