Co-Managing IT Environments – Mid-Size to Enterprise Level

Dedicated IT Experts to Augment Your Internal Team

Modern enterprises increasingly rely on sophisticated technology systems to get work done. In most cases, they do this without a corresponding increase in the budget or personnel. This ends up putting more pressure on finances and existing systems.

Co-managed IT services provide a cost-effective and scalable solution for businesses looking to leverage outside help and expertise in reaching strategic business objectives.

Our co-managed solutions augment your internal IT team and lighten the burden of dealing with technical issues while keeping your costs in check. We help fill the gaps in expertise and utilize our specialized knowledge in solving challenging technical problems.

Whether your team is overstretched, overwhelmed, or tied down with routine tasks and don’t have time for bigger-picture, pro-growth projects, we can help. We collaborate with your team and provide your business with a deep bench of experts that enhance your internal expertise.

Common Scenarios for a Co-Managed IT Approach

Here are some everyday situations in which organizations may choose a co-managed IT approach to managing technical needs:

  • Business is growing rapidly and requires extra help in scaling IT services
  • Companies with well-developed, in-house IT staff at headquarters but need reliable support in remote locations
  • The in-house IT team can handle routine day-to-day tasks but require outside help and expertise with overall IT strategy
  • The internal IT team is focused on strategic projects and needs support for day-to-day tasks like helpdesk services, monitoring software upgrades, data backups etc.

Advantages of Working With Right Hand Technologies as Your Supplementary IT Team

Some of the benefits of the collaborative, co-managed model to your business include:

  • Additional Expertise – Utilize our team’s expertise, experience, and specialization to round out anything your internal team needs.
  • Cost Efficiency – Eliminate the need to hire another part-time or full-time employees and the associated costs.
  • Flexibility – Use our personnel as much or as little as needed to complete both routine tasks or strategic projects.
  • Peace of Mind – Your IT needs are cared for, and you have the technical capacity to scale as needed.

Some of the Things Right Hand Technologies Does to Help In-House IT Teams

  • Cybersecurity audits
  • Vacation, maternity and sick time fill-in
  • Off-hours emergency IT support
  • Advising on compliance matters
  • Remote security and efficiency monitoring
  • Daily maintenance tasks
  • Collaboration on strategic and specialized projects
  • Help desk for the IT questions of the other employees
  • Other duties to keep your business running efficiently

Co-managed services enhance your team, absorbing some of the responsibilities they don’t have time or expertise to perform while boosting productivity and efficiency.

Learn more about how our co-managed services can ease the burden on your team.