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IT Support For Internal IT Departments

Is your in-house IT staff overworked and overburdened managing routine tasks? Do you have the capacity and expertise to leverage emerging technologies to give your business a competitive edge? We are here to help.

Co-managed services enhance your team, absorbing some of the responsibilities they don’t have time or expertise to perform while boosting productivity and efficiency.

NIST CSF Compliance | Cybersecurity in Pittsburgh | Right Hand Technology Group

Mid-size to enterprise level

Dedicated IT Experts to Augment Your Internal Team

Cybersecurity Audits

Auditing Cybersecurity measures to ensure effectiveness, efficiency, compliance, and function.

Time Fill-In

If your IT team members need time off. Right Hand Tech can temporarily fill those gaps to keep your team running smoothly.

Emergency IT Support

Incidents can arise at any time. If an important system is down off-hours, Right Hand will be there to help resolve the issue.

Compliance Advisory

Ensuring your company is compliant is an important part of legal cybersecurity. We help you become and remain compliant.

Remote Security Monitoring

Monitoring security systems and efficiency to keep your business protected and detect weak points in security measures.

Daily maintenance Tasks

Support your internal team with the daily tasks and processes your team needs to complete to keep your business’ technology sound.

Project Collaboration

Collaborate with us on specialized and strategic projects to ensure your team has all the support it needs for complex solutions.

Help Desk

We provide help desk services for your own internal team. Questions or concerns can be addressed with your Right Hand Tech partners.

24/7 Support

Co-managing it environments

Modern enterprises increasingly rely on sophisticated technology systems to get work done. In most cases, they do this without a corresponding increase in the budget or personnel. This ends up putting more pressure on finances and existing systems.

Co-managed IT services provide a cost-effective and scalable solution for businesses looking to leverage outside help and expertise in reaching strategic business objectives.

Our co-managed solutions augment your internal IT team and lighten the burden of dealing with technical issues while keeping your costs in check. We help fill the gaps in expertise and utilize our specialized knowledge in solving challenging technical problems.

Whether your team is overstretched, overwhelmed, or tied down with routine tasks and don’t have time for bigger-picture, pro-growth projects, we can help. We collaborate with your team and provide your business with a deep bench of experts that enhance your internal expertise.

Who needs supplemental support?

Here are some everyday situations in which organizations may choose a co-managed IT approach to manage technical needs:

• Business is growing rapidly and requires extra help in scaling IT services

• Companies with well-developed, in-house IT staff at headquarters but need reliable support in remote locations

• The in-house IT team can handle routine day-to-day tasks but require outside help and expertise with overall IT strategy

• The internal IT team is focused on strategic projects and needs support for day-to-day tasks like helpdesk services, monitoring software upgrades, data backups etc.


A collaborative co-managed IT model has benefits that can outweigh the benefits of hiring new team members. If your team needs more support than one team member can offer, collaborating with us may be a fit for you.

Utilize our team’s expertise, experience, and specialization without the hassle of hiring a new employee and dealing with the associated costs. Utilize our personnel as much or as little as needed and keep peace of mind knowing your IT needs are supported and scalable.

Additional Expertise

Cost Efficiency


Peace of Mind


If you’re not sure how we can help you, schedule a free consult with us to discuss your needs, options, cost, and more. Our free scheduled call is risk-free and requires no commitment, we can’t wait to hear from you! If you’re not quite ready to talk, but want to keep reading, check out our other services pages or blog if you haven’t quite found what you’re looking for.