Small Business Computer Services In Pittsburgh

Are you a small business owner in Pittsburgh? If so, what IT and computer services do you need to help run your business? More importantly, who can you rely on to help you with all of your computer needs?

Right Hand offers a comprehensive package of tech services for small businesses in Pittsburgh. We work with many of Pittsburgh’s leading small business owners in fields such as:

  • Healthcare clinics
  • Law firms
  • Oil & gas companies
  • Manufacturing
  • Financial service

In addition, we work with small business owners in other industries. If you need small business computer services in Pittsburgh, then contact Right Hand today. We utilize advanced computer technology to help your business thrive.

Small Business Computer Services in Pittsburgh That We Provide

Right Hand offers services that are perfect for small business owners. Our m computer services include:

  • Managed IT. We can handle your entire computer network including hardware, software, and equipment. Our IT experts can assess your current system and make recommendations on how to improve your network’s performance.
  • Supplemental IT services. Many of our additional computer services can enhance your system’s performance and increase your productivity. We can scale your system to meet your business needs as your business grows.
  • Help desk. Use our remote or on-site IT assistance when you have questions or experience issues in your network. Simply submit a ticket via phone, email, or our client portal, and we’ll respond quickly. We can find solutions that keep your network running smoothly.
  • IT security. Small and mid-size businesses are vulnerable to cyber attacks, malware, spyware, viruses, and other malicious hacks. Our multi-layer cybersecurity and encryption can protect your entire network and all your IoT devices.
  • Cloud services. Right Hand cloud services are perfect for your small business. You can now run your entire operation from a single platform. You can share files, use apps, collaborate, and store data from a virtual server.
  • Business phone. Have you discovered the features and benefits of cloud-based VoIP telephone systems? We can replace your outdated phones with a simplified and more cost-effective VoIP communication network.
  • Virtualization solutions. Our cloud services also allow you to work from virtual servers and desktop technology. We can create virtual versions of hardware and equipment that you are currently using.
  • Business continuity. Has your productivity suffered from equipment failures, network breakdowns, natural disasters, or slow computers? We can help you find the best solutions for speeding up your processes and eliminating problems that kill your business continuity and hurt your revenue streams.

How to Determine if an Outsourced Computer Service is Right for Your Small Business

When you launch your startup, everything seems manageable at first. You may have a handle on your technology because you are only dealing with a few computers, some simplified IoT devices, and maybe an online cloud platform.

As you grow, however, you quickly discover that your computer network becomes more complex. Eventually, handling all the IT becomes overwhelming as you try to manage your security, communications, productivity, online presence, customer service, employee training, and other aspects of your IT. Ultimately, you can’t run your technology and your business at the same time. In fact, you may be experiencing some of these scenarios.

  • Your business is growing faster than your ability to implement new technology or expand your network.
  • You are at a point where you need assistance from experts but can’t afford to hire an in-house IT department.
  • Your competition is outpacing you and taking your business.
  • You constantly have to stop what you are doing to deal with tech issues.
  • The technology you have in place is slowing you down instead of improving your productivity.
  • You have lost critical data due to employee error, outdated equipment, or a cyber attack.

If you have experienced any of these scenarios on one or more occasions, then now is the time to explore outsourcing your managed IT. Right Hand can help you make a seamless transition from in-house management to outsourced computer services without affecting your business. We can develop an IT strategy to bring your entire organization along during this phase of digital transformation. You and your team can finally focus on running your business and improving your internal processes.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Managed IT Responsibilities

As a small business owner in Pittsburgh, you may have discovered that managing your computers and IT network in-house has become burdensome and expensive. If so, an outsourced managed IT company may be the answer you need to help you with your technology.

Right Hand can assume responsibility for your entire network while helping you ways to save money in equipment costs, personnel, repairs & maintenance. Some benefits of partnering with our team to manage your IT includes:

  • Cybersecurity audits
  • Vacation, maternity, and sick time fill-in
  • Off-hours emergency IT support
  • Advising on compliance matters
  • Remote security and efficiency monitoring
  • Daily maintenance tasks
  • Collaboration on strategic and specialized projects
  • Help desk for the IT questions of the other employees
  • Ideas and recommendations that keep your business running efficiently

We can evaluate your entire computer infrastructure to determine where you can cut costs, save time, and simplify your system. By consulting experts, you can find a more efficient means for utilizing your technology and actually grow your business instead of dealing with problems all the time.

Contact RHTG for a Free IT Consultation in Pittsburgh

Right Hand partners with small businesses in the Greater Pittsburgh Area to identify and implement IT solutions. We want to help you become more efficient and profitable through the use of computers, mobile devices, servers, and other technology.

To find out more about how we can help you with your IT infrastructure, then contact us today at (412) 254-4448. You can also message us at [email protected] or start an online chat. We are here to help you!

  •   Jason Vanzin
  •   Apr 19, 2019
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