Need the Assurance that Help is Available When Your IT Goes Down?

Looking for Answers for Employee Questions and Speedy Troubleshooting Responses? – Take a look at Help Desk Services for Pittsburgh Area Companies

Got a question or having trouble with your computer?

Don’t spend hours searching Google trying to fix the issue and frustrating yourself in the process.

If you need answers to IT questions, Right Hand Technology Group’s team of expert technicians is ready to help each time you call.

But we don’t just offer you solutions to problems, we are also available to you to offer executive-level IT consulting to assist with important decisions for your business.

What Does Right Hand Technology Group’s Help Desk Support Offer You?

Right Hand Technology Group’s Help Desk Support gives you the tools you need to get answers to important IT questions. Our friendly office staff here in Pittsburgh are always ready to take your call and to help you get your IT back on target.

  • Real-time answers to IT problems
  • Friendly office staff who are always ready to take your call
  • A full team with a range of IT specializations
  • Remote assistance with troubleshooting challenging IT issues
  • Access to executive-level IT consulting
  • Local technicians who care about helping your business succeed
  • Available to you 24/7/365
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction

We won’t rest until your IT issue is solved to your satisfaction.

How Does Help Desk Support Work?

We make getting IT assistance simple. That’s why we offer several different ways you can create Help Desk Tickets. Here are the ways you can contact us to create a ticket:

  • Via our easy to use online client web portal
  • By telephone
  • By email

Once given a clear picture of the problem you are facing, we can get right to work to provide answers or address and resolve the issue.

Say goodbye to costly, unexpected repair bills, and quit wasting time trying to figure out IT issues yourself.

For a flat-rate, affordable monthly fee, you’ll have access to all the assistance you need – whenever you need it – with Help Desk Support from Right Hand Technology Group.

Give us a call. You can have fully-functioning IT assets that are optimized and maintained to keep your business on task.