When it comes to placing your IT in the right hands, you have two choices: either keep it in-house or hand it over to a third-party outsourced company. Chances are if you are reading this, the first option hasn’t worked. And it should be no surprise. You are either spending too much time or too much money (or both) on IT and not enough time on your core competencies. This can be especially damaging to your business when all your time is spent managing IT.

So, the question now becomes which IT Services Pittsburgh provider you are willing to trust with your most valuable digital assets. After all, there are several issues at stake, such as security, workflow efficiency, cost, business continuity, and scalability.

IT Services Pittsburgh businesses regularly trust have the following characteristics:

Proactive IT Solutions

If you’re going to make the investment and build a long-term relationship with an IT company, then your top priority should be to find a company that understands the long-range value and purpose of IT implementation. Thus, there are some key questions that every qualified IT consultant should ask before implementing any IT strategy:

  • How will this strategy prevent issues (security or otherwise) from arising?
  • Will this strategy help or hinder business growth?
  • What is the ROI of implementing this new hardware or software?
  • Does this strategy meet core organizational needs?

If you are going to trust an IT service to handle your entire infrastructure including all computers, network, cloud platform, sensitive data, cabling, communication, and hardware, then the IT professional must think proactively about every decision and its short and long-term impact on the organization.

By thinking proactively, an IT specialist can prevent problems long before they endanger any component in the network. They anticipate that problems will occur — as they always do — and put a plan into place that either prevents the issue from actually happening. Or, they can respond to any problem immediately to keep your business operations flowing smoothly.

Responsive Customer Service

And speaking of response, if IT is at the center of your business operations, then you have to trust your IT service provider to be there when you need them in cringe moments. Think about it this way: How many times were you in the middle of a time-sensitive project, and your computer or network suddenly went down? How long did it take to get everything up and running again so that you continue? Now think about this: What if all you had to do is pick up the phone, call your IT consultant, get someone on the line quickly, and get the problem fixed within minutes?

The reason the problem was fixed in minutes is that the IT provider anticipated that your problem could arise (probably because they’ve dealt with this problem a million times in the past) and already knew how to handle it. You now trust your outsourced IT company because they picked up the phone quickly, understood your issue, responded quickly, and fixed it remotely without having to drive to your location.

That is what trustworthy IT customer service looks like. That is what IT services Pittsburgh businesses look for.

Multi-Layered, Preventative IT Security

The one area of IT that you should never compromise on is security. Neither should your Pittsburgh IT company. If your IT company has a bare-bones IT package with outdated solutions, then look elsewhere. Any IT company that isn’t willing to invest in your security is putting your company at risk of a massive data breach.

IT security should be multi-layered. In other words, it should contain multiple strategies for preventing a security breach from happening, not just responding to one and dealing with the fallout.

What does multi-layered IT security look like?

  • Ongoing network assessment and testing to identify leaks or vulnerable areas in the system
  • Encrypted end-to-end email protection so that messages cannot be deciphered
  • Data storage and backup so that your company never loses sensitive data
  • Combination of essential security tools such as firewall, antivirus, spam filtering, two-factor authentication, identify verification, and internet traffic monitoring — these are all essentials
  • Complete network and Wi-Fi security in areas where cyber threats are the most likely to occur

Your Most Trusted IT Services Pittsburgh Provider

If you are looking for IT services in Pittsburgh, then contact Right Hand. We offer complete managed IT, cloud-based services, IT security, and 24/7 Help Desk services. To schedule a consultation with an IT specialist today, call us at (412) 254-4448 or fill out a quick contact form.

  •   Jason Vanzin
  •   May 25, 2019
  •   Blog