If you are taking on IT problems you don’t have time to solve and wearing out your workforce in the process, then it may be time for you to consider partnering with an outsourced help desk provider. A help desk service can ease the burden of trying to identify and solve tech issues in your company.

Below, we look at four reasons why finding a reliable help desk partner is a smart solution for your business.

1. Real-Time Answers to IT Problems

When you get answers in real time from a remote help desk, you reduce the amount of downtime it takes to solve issues significantly. Think about this way:

When you contact an IT company to come out and fix a problem, the specialist has to gather their tools, get in the car, drive across town, assess the problem, and then fix the problem. The entire process could take an hour to two hours to complete. The alternative is picking up the phone, getting a response in less than a minute, asking your question, getting a quick analysis via a remote connection, and getting a solution is only a few minutes.

The ability to assess and solve a problem in real time can save you dozens of hours in IT support throughout the year. Your employees can get back to work faster by merely picking up the phone.

2. Someone is Always Available

When you call someone to arrive on site to address an IT issue, you may have to wait for service. Why? Because someone who is driving around town going from client to client spends a lot of time on the road in-between customers. It takes longer to help everybody. On any given day, multiple clients may have issues occurring at the same time.

By contrast, someone who is always in the office is far more likely to be available to help you with your issue. Most IT companies have multiple technicians who are available to talk to you so that you never have to leave a voicemail. You get a call as soon as you dial in, send an email, or submit a request through a client portal.

3. You Get the Entire IT Team – Not Just One Person

Any company that offers managed IT services automatically has a team of experts that come with a specific skill set, education, and specialization. One person may specialize in cybersecurity. Another person may handle your cloud platform. Someone else is on hand to cover all communication issues. Then there is the IT consultant who can offer advice and expertise on a wide range of IT issues. You have an all-star technology team at your disposal.

When you call in and report a problem, you are automatically directed to the right person who understands your issue and can handle it properly. If your problem requires more than one type of solution, then your IT team can assemble and work on it together.

This is something that a single technician cannot handle on site.

4. Out of Sight Does Not Mean Out of Mind

It is easy to assume that if someone is not on site, then they must have forgotten your business and your needs. However, the core components of managed IT – specifically help desk services – is that they must have an eye on your entire infrastructure at all times. It is the only way that they can genuinely provide exceptional IT support.

It is a safe bet that the entire remote team spends more time thinking about your network than anyone in your organization. It is the job you paid them to do so that you can focus all your efforts on running your business. Your IT company invests a considerable amount of time and resources, protecting your network from every conceivable problem that could hurt your business. They are monitoring and managing your technology so that you can sleep at night.

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  •   Jason Vanzin
  •   Jun 09, 2019
  •   Blog