Could Your Manufacturing Business Realize Greater Profits with the Right IT Support?

Trying to navigate through the minefield of manufacturing technology options is a challenge. Even if you do a great job of selecting the hardware and software solutions for your manufacturing business, it’s hard to reap the benefits of that good decision without continuous management and maintenance of those hardware and software assets.

For your manufacturing facility to realize cost savings and improve overall efficiencies, you need the help of IT support professionals. That’s where the Right Hand steps into the picture.

Your technology could be what sets you apart from similar firms within the manufacturing industry. To achieve the most substantial benefit from your IT environment, you need an IT support team on your side that is well-versed in providing IT services for manufacturing companies.

What Types of Manufacturing Operations Software Does the Right Hand Support?

  • Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)
  • Computer-Aided Design (CAD)
  • Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM)
  • Product Development Process (PDP)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Product Data Management (PDM)
  • Product Life-Cycle Management (PLM)

What Managed IT Services Can Do for Manufacturing Businesses

We consider it our business to give you a secure and stable IT environment you need to scale your company. We’ll customize an IT suite that is the perfect fit for every aspect of your operations – from the Microsoft Office 365 you need for the front office to the security and analytics that you need to be supported on the production floor.

Managed IT Services from Right Hand gives you:

  • Complete IT Care (Managed IT Services) – Strategically maintaining, securing and monitoring IT environments for optimal operation and uptime
  • Co-Managed IT – Supplementing the in-house IT staff of mid-size to enterprise-level companies
  • Cybersecurity – Protecting the data, in-house assets, and cloud assets through proactive IT security management and incident response
  • Cloud Services – Leveraging the best of cloud solutions to provide cost savings and enable mobility and scaling capability
  • VOIP – Helping businesses make the most of modern, internet-based communications functionality
  • Server Virtualization – Using virtual technologies to enable cost savings along with backup/disaster recovery functionality
  • Business Continuity – Working with companies to establish a strategy that allows them to continue operating despite localized disaster
  • Help Desk – Answering questions and troubleshooting IT issues to enable continuous workflow

What You Can Count on with Right Hand

  • Budget-friendly pricing

Our Managed IT Services support solutions are available at affordable, flat-rate monthly fees. We offer all the technical support you need within a budget-friendly, subscription format.

  • Automation of front office work processes

If you’re still limping along with outdated office tools, Right Hand will show you a better way. By moving your internal office productivity processes to Office 365, Dropbox, we enable your administrative employees to accomplish their tasks more easily.

  • Integration of Manufacturing Floor Technologies

Integration allows you to speed up production while gathering and utilizing analytics to make real-time decisions. We’ll help you navigate these complexities.

  • Quick response times each time you call

When you need help, you need it right away. Right Hand offers a Pittsburgh-based Helpdesk support staff to ensure that you get the timely IT answers and troubleshooting you need.