The Right Hand Technology Group (RHTG) Cybersecurity Program brings the above mature tools, processes and people to start monitoring and protecting the organization while assessing and planning the overall alignment needed to match the organizations specific cybersecurity needs. Proper cybersecurity technology and monitoring alone is not enough to adequately protect an organization in today’s world. Therefore, a comprehensive program like the Right Hand program which includes an experienced Cybersecurity Leader (RHTG V-CISO) driving Cyber Governance as well as policies and standards with a roadmap is needed to properly mitigate the risk posed to the organization. Our program assures that executive level direction drives the overall goals in which the Cybersecurity technologies will need to enable.

Right Hand takes the company through a risk assessment as well as a deep dive cybersecurity maturity assessment based on the National Institute of Standards in Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) to create a comprehensive Cybersecurity Roadmap that aligns with the overall business and technology plan. This roadmap is then driven forward by the Right Hand V-CISO to assure the business stakeholders that the company is mitigating risk and moving the organization’s cybersecurity posture forward to keep up with quickly evolving cyber threats in today’s world.