As businesses try to navigate and adjust during this difficult time, we here at Right Hand aim to provide value by offering 3 key complimentary services, including productivity monitoring, PC monitoring and maintenance, and security training.

COVID19 Free Services - Our way of giving back

Employee Productivity Monitoring (Free for 30 days)

  1. Track hours logged in.
  2. Track hours active
  3. Track Productive/Non-Productive time.
  4. Rank employees by productivity
  5. Receive Reports automatically
  6. Take a deep dive into the portal to understand where time is being spent
  7. Optional features:
    • Screenshotting (Continous, Based on Keywords, Based on Activity/Application)
    • Alerting
    • Webfiltering
    • Block Applications
    • Data Loss Prevention
    • End point lock down

COVID19 Free Services - Our way of giving back

COVID19 Free Services - Our way of giving back


Remote Worker PC Monitoring and Maintenance (Free for 30 days)

  1. Monitor Antivirus (status, is it installed, is it working)
  2. Monitor Patching (are patches up to date)
  3. Inventory Hardware/Software
    • Is hardware making your employees unproductive”
    • Are there insecure programs installed?
  4. Optional features
    • Ongoing patch installation
    • Antivirus Software
    • End User Support


Free Training (COVID-19)

In this free training module we help you understand the challenges and how to stay safe and secure online while working from home.

Internet Security When You Work From Home

By the end of this training module, you will:

  1. Understand some common technology problems when preparing to work from home.
  2. Understand basic necessary steps to take while preparing and securing your home environment for remote work.
  3. Know essential best practices to implement for success while working remotely.

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