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Backup, Disaster Recovery, and Business Continuity for Businesses

Is My Data, Workflow, and Business at Risk? – How Can Business Continuity Services Help?

Businesses face threats from many fronts every day. Since most companies are highly technology dependent and bound by strict compliance regulations, protecting your data is essential.

Though you can react in the face of a problem, a proactive approach is the better way to keep your IT systems secure.

Your IT environment could be sidelined by any number of events including natural disasters, cyber attacks, hardware failure, or even just good old-fashioned Mother Nature deciding she doesn’t want to play nice in the sandbox.

If you’re unprepared, the consequences could leave your business crippled.

Right Hand’s Business Continuity Services ensure that the critical IT systems of your business are backed up and can be spun up at another location if needed.

What is Included in a Business Continuity Strategy?

  • Business Continuity Consulting – We assess your business practices to create a business continuity plan which factors in all security measures necessary to protect your IT assets and data for the future.
  • Regular Onsite Backup – Right Hand manages all of your onsite servers and IT assets through regular backups.
  • Scalable Services –Need storage space? We’ve got you covered. Best of all, you can grow your services as your business grows, ensuring you never pay for things you don’t use.
  • Customized Backup and Disaster Recovery – Every business is different. We make sure that every IT-related element of your workflow can be accessed in the event of an emergency.
  • Image File Backups – With image files sent to our data center on an hourly basis, you can rest assured that your important photos, documents, and other data are safe and recoverable.
  • Offsite Cloud Backup – We use cloud data centers to provide additional backup storage for your important data. As an added layer of protection, all files are also encrypted.
  • Cloud Virtualization Services – Virtualization via the cloud gives you easy access to your files anywhere in the world at any time.
  • 24/7 Backup Monitoring & Validation – Ensuring that your data and systems are stored properly, preventing loss or contamination and ensuring a speedy recovery if necessary.
  • Regular Testing – Actually running your Business Continuity Plan, including your staff, planning, a documented checklist, and a full boot of your recovery environment, to prove your plan works and guarantee its performance.

Right Hand provides top-tier security for your data. We take the time to design a plan that can handle the worst-case scenarios, and we run regular tests to provide the assurance that our strategies are being effective.