Project Management

We work closely with you to determine project goals and resolve activities into documented, monitored, and controlled tasks. As problem solvers, we navigate the constant changes in your organization’s critical infrastructure, safeguarding your assets.

Project Scope Development

Before we begin any assignment, we carefully scope out what the project will involve, discuss it with you, and reach an agreement about how best to proceed. It’s important we agree on the tasks, timeline, and priorities. We want everyone to be on the same page.

Data Gathering

We conduct a systematic approach to collecting and analyzing your IT, operational, and personal data for security intelligence. Our concerns include how data enters your system, how it is used, and how it leaves your business. We test the confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of the information to determine if your infrastructure is functioning properly with the right security controls in place.

Vendor Screening Process Development

Vendors are third-party service providers, suppliers, or contractors, typically outside of an organization’s direct control and a potential security risk. We review your vendors and take the appropriate steps so that your investment is maximized while threats are minimized. You need to be confident your vendors are effectively managing their information, data, and cyber security.