Business Continuity

Your organization needs a plan in place to identify major risks to your systems and data that could cause significant disruption to your business. Business Continuity is the process of creating preventative and recovery systems to deal with potential cyberattacks and data breaches. The goal is to ensure continuity and stability in the essential functions of your work environment during a cyber emergency.

Compliance Management

Cybersecurity compliance is a driving force behind any organization’s success and is critical for the trust, safety, and integrity of your data. Compliance Management is the continual process of monitoring systems and assessing security risks. It helps to ensure that all workflow, internal policies, and IT initiatives align with specific industry cybersecurity regulations.

SOC/SIEM Management

A Security Operations Center (SOC) and a Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) platform are different strategies for monitoring a network environment. The two work together to help your organization prevent data breaches and alert you to potential and ongoing cyber events.