Security Policy Development

Every organization needs a plan in place to protect its IT assets. A Security Policy must be continually developed to keep up with any changes made to your system, including new systems added, along with the discovery of new vulnerabilities over time. Right Hand can help at all stages of policy development, from an overarching information security policy to detailed procedures for the operational aspects of your business.

Elevated Access Monitoring

Also known as Privileged Access Management (PAM), Elevated Assess Monitoring enables you to identify and manage privileged identities and monitor privileged activity to support your organization’s governance and compliance initiatives and reduce the risk of systems and data breaches. Privileged users can include database administrators (DBAs), network engineers, security practitioners, and cloud custodians.

Encryption Services

Compromised user credentials are a common target for hackers to gain entry into your organizations’ networks. Identity Access Management or IAM encompasses the processes, policies, and tools that enable you to manage digital identities and control user access to critical information.

Identity Access Management

Password management provides the first line of defense against unauthorized access to your IT environment. We can assist you in establishing a system that facilitates a simple, secure way to store passwords and access them quickly when required. Maintaining strong passwords is key to protecting your system and sensitive information from hackers and malicious software.