The following is a list of some of the Security Control that Right Hand can help you with:


An organization needs a process of identifying and deploying software updates or “patches” to a variety of endpoints, including computers, mobile devices, and servers. These help to ensure that the assets in your environment are not susceptible to exploitation.

Antivirus/Malware Protection

These cybersecurity solutions are used to prevent, scan, detect and delete viruses from computers and networks. They help to identify, quarantine, and eliminate any threats so that your systems remain secure.

Ransomware Protection

This protection is designed to prevent the occurrence of a ransomware event and/or mitigate the risk of a successful attack. Ransomware is a form of malware (malicious software) that can render files—and the systems they rely on—unusable. It threatens to publish or block access to data or computer system, usually by encrypting it, until a “ransom fee” is paid to the attacker.


Firewalls are among the most important elements of network security, filtering traffic to allow the free flow of legitimate communications while preventing unauthorized access. Configuring and monitoring a firewall is an important management process necessary to maintain a secure network.