Right Hand is a trusted partner to organizations across North America when it comes to cybersecurity and IT management. Using our unique approach, we systematically help organizations identify deficiencies in their security and compliance, build out strategies to address those deficiencies, and ultimately bring them and keep them in full alignment with cybersecurity best practices and their compliance requirements.

We work with our customer’s management team to setup proper Cyber Governance, so they have a full view of risks to the organization and progress being made to address those risks. We also work closely with the internal IT team to implement and maintain proper security controls and processes that ultimately helps bridge the gap between management objectives and day-to-day technical work.

Having worked with clients in the enterprise and the SMB space, we have developed a set of services that allow the SMB to address the enterprise-level challenges they face at the SMB budget. While enterprises can afford to build teams of security and IT professionals to meet their goals, many organizations cannot. Our services allow the same level of service at a fraction of the cost of building your own teams and security stack.