Right Hand Technology Group Is Your Next Pittsburgh IT Company

Why Partner With Right Hand Technology Group?

Right Hand Technology Group is a trusted Western PA & Pittsburgh IT company that handles your corporation’s technology needs allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Knowledge, service, and availability are some of the reasons that businesses across the Greater Pittsburgh Area choose us. Our reputation has allowed us to grow and provide our services to companies across the 4 major time zones and multiple countries. The growth and success at RHTG stem from the profound interest that we place into our client’s operation to help them become more efficient and profitable through the use of computers, mobile devices, servers and other technology that drive our world today.

What Sets Right Hand Technology Apart from the Crowd?

With 20 years’ experience in the industry, founder and CEO, Jason Vanzin, has built a team of engineers that stop at nothing to take care of the needs of their clients.

Propelled by a vision of a Managed IT company that prided itself on relation-driven work practices and high-performance technology, Right Hand Technology Group continues to grow in this space.

The number one compliment that we get from our clients is the value that we bring to their business. They realize that technology is what is necessary to succeed and grow. Having experts at their side to take care of all IT needs (servers, computers, cybersecurity, backups, software, phone systems, etc.) is a must.

Our company’s mandate is to provide exceptional IT support backed by relationships built on trust.

What Is the Process of Working with Right Hand Technology?

It all starts with finding out your needs. The truth is, some of the things you are doing now are already working well. We don’t want to change that. Other things may be more involved and are causing your company unwanted challenges. We simply want to enhance your IT environment to enable you to do your work most effectively. Let the experts take over so your office can run with high speed and greater efficiency.

Things we like to know:

  • What current challenges are you facing?
  • What is already working well for you?
  • What is taking time away from you focusing on your business?
  • What can we do to help you maintain or grow?

The answers to these and other questions give us what we need to build an IT environment that helps you thrive.

We put a high level of strategy into serving your company from the first time we meet. We aren’t just technicians, we are business partners that help you scale your company with the necessary expertise to avoid common pitfalls.

What Are Right Hand’s Professional Associations?

Right Hand Technology Group takes pride in serving their community. Participation in professional associations and giving back to charitable organizations is something we enjoy.

Professional Organizations:

  • Chamber of Commerce Members
  • BNI Members

Charitable Organizations:

  • Front Row Foundation

Our Mission As Your Pittsburgh IT Company

Maintain our role as the region’s most highly trusted technology company. This mandate is backed up by our reputation for immense loyalty from both our employees and our staff.

What IT challenges does your business face that keeps you up at night? Contact us today, we’re here to help.