How Secure is Your Organization?

Having a comprehensive Cybersecurity Program in place is often a requirement of conducting business in many industries.
Ultimately, it can determine the success of your organization.
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    Security Begins With What You Have Now

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    Cybersecurity Risk Assessments

    We evaluate your organization from a technical or process-driven approach. We not only look to access your network through penetration testing and social engineering (exploiting weaknesses in both technical and human processes)

    Regulatory Assessments

    Cybersecurity affects every facet of your organization. Often an organization’s exposure to the complexities of cybersecurity occurs when a regulatory body or client insists that your level of cybersecurity matches theirs in the supply chain.

    Control Assessments

    Our clients often request that we review their existing cybersecurity program or controls that are currently in place to ensure that they are still relevant in an ever-changing threat environment.


    Enacted independently or as a part of an overall risk assessment. Penetration testing is executed to identify vulnerabilities and configuration weaknesses currently in your organization, then exploits them to determine your organization’s level of risk.

    How Do We Protect Your Organization?

    Vulnerability Management Services
    Good cyber hygiene is one of the core defenses in cybersecurity. By ensuring that system vulnerabilities are being managed in a structured manner, you immediately lower your organization’s risk of being exploited. We help you set up your program with a goal of reducing vulnerabilities to a level that is acceptable to you. Right Hand Technology Group will also manage your program as part of its Managed Service offerings.
    Incident Management Program
    Having an effective security incident management strategy in place prepares your organization to detect, assess, respond, and resolve a security incident. Establishing and implementing this strategy provides evidence of your preparedness to your current and potential clients as well as regulatory bodies. We help organizations define their program and test it over time to ensure that when an incident occurs, they are ready to meet the challenge.
    Data Protection Strategies
    By understanding and classifying the data and assets related to them, as well as the regulations that control its use, you can build a very targeted security program directed at what is critical to your organization. We help organizations define their classification strategies and help them build the right technical and process-driven controls to protect them.
    Cyber Governance
    For many organizations, the first big endeavor into the world of cybersecurity is when a client requests that you adhere to a cybersecurity regulation or standard. One of the core activities in this process is cyber governance – to ensure that the controls put in place are executed correctly. We help you form the appropriate levels of steering committees to make these decisions as well as put the structure in place to run a comprehensive cybersecurity program.
    CISO Services and Staff Augmentation
    Many organizations struggle to put in place a cybersecurity department and to structure its responsibilities to deliver a workable cybersecurity program. Others may have lost critical employees in a market where there are more jobs than skilled people to fill them. We have become the cybersecurity department for many organizations or supplemented their department with key skills. Our role can be short-term, (filling a key role while you are looking for a full-time option), or longer-term (creating the cybersecurity department and maturing it to the point you can bring in your own employees) — either way, we bring all of our experience and knowledge to the table.

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