• Quickly See Where You Stand

    A complimentary security assessment designed to show you exactly where you’re vulnerable.

  • Identify Areas That Need Improvement

    A thorough review of your existing policies and
    procedures gives you a better idea of what needs to be improved internally.

  • Find Ways To Better Invest Your Money

    A comprehensive analysis of your existing IT support expenses will show you where you’re spending too much or too little.

  • Align Your Technology With Your Goals

    Upon completion of a complimentary consultation, we’ll review the next step towards getting a plan that aligns your technology with your goals.

Geting Started Has Never Been So Simple

  1. Schedule Your Complimentary Second Opinion Of Your Current Technology & Security Posture

  2. Get the insight you need to make an informed decision on the next step for your business.

  3. Start on a managed IT services plan that works to meet all of your unique needs.

Tech Security

The team at Right Hand Technology Group has proven itself to be dependable, forward-thinking, and knowledgeable. They are flexible enough to provide unique services and plans to meet our requirements and have the ability to resolve ongoing issues to our satisfaction quickly.
Their controlled, conservative, and cost-conscious methodology keeps us on the cutting edge of new technology and security.

Managed IT Services & Technology Support Services

Do you know that having limited IT resources can impede operational efficiencies and place you at risk of an outage or breach? When an organization is not fully equipped to maintain their systems, they can quickly fall behind in updates and network management, leading to a serious risk of outages or data breaches.

Where Can I Find Dependable Managed IT Services?

Today’s businesses rely on their technology assets to effectively accomplish their workload. Unfortunately, technology doesn’t always function as it should and can be prone to disruptions and frustrating downtime that derails production schedules – leading to unhappy customers and lost revenue.

Right Hand Technology Group specializes in providing it’s valued customers with comprehensive IT services to assist organizations in realizing their ideal technology environment.

Among the benefits we offer our valued customers are:

What is Managed IT Services?

Managed IT Services from Right Hand Technology Group provides organizations with the opportunity to enjoy comprehensive IT support and services. This type of service hinges upon the implementation of proactive technology strategies to maintain a fully functional IT environment that is optimized to support workflow.

What is it Like Working with Right Hand Technology Group? Customized IT Support

Since each business serves a unique industry and customer base, customized IT assets are a critical part of their success. Right Hand Technology Group employs a diverse set of professional technicians with experience across many of the most technically challenging industry IT environments. This expertise equips us to provide our customers with the industry-specific configuration, integration, and automation needed to operate at peak performance levels.

We view ourselves as the business partners of our valued clients. To this end, we work collaboratively with each client in strategy and business thought processes while working within a defined budget to assist our clients in achieving their operational objectives.

Our work processes are defined by our core values:

A partnership with Right Hand Technology Group for Managed IT Services provides our customers with:

What Services Does Right Hand Technology Group Offer?

A company with a focus on providing holistic IT care, Right Hand Technology Group proudly offers the following service to their valued clients: