Windows updates are not enough…

So, you are feeling good about your systems because you have patch management setup or on your personal PC, you have automatic updates enabled. While that's great since everyone knows you have to keep Windows patched or run the risk of vulnerabilities on your computer being exposed, it simply is no where near enough.

A couple WordPress security plugins

First, let me say I am no WordPress expert. I can set it up and make my way around it to do the things I want to do, like this blog and my other blog Being a network/systems guy, I'm always worried about security. With WordPress there are a few concerns I had that are nicely addressed by a couple plugins that I think everyone should have.

WordPress emails not working

This wasn't intended to be my first post, but I just finished getting email working for this blog, so I figured why not post how I got it work. We can always do an intro later.

For this blog and another blog I just started,, I setup a Linux server to host the sites using Apache.