Network Security

Cyber attacks and data breaches have been making headlines recently. While the ones affecting large organizations are often publicized, the truth is that small- and medium-sized businesses are increasingly being targeted by cyber criminals because they have fewer security measures in place and are therefore more prone to attacks. If you haven’t given network security a thought, you’re putting your entire business at risk.

Right Hand Technology Group’s Network Security solutions provide comprehensive protection for your network and data that blocks cyber security threats and unauthorized access from both internal and external sources.

Our Network Security solutions provide:

  • Comprehensive assessments - We conduct security audits to identify vulnerabilities and provide recommendations on how to improve your security endpoints.
  • Enhanced security - Our security software include content filtering, firewalls, VPN, antivirus, and more.
  • Expert technicians - We’ll design, implement, and monitor your network systems to ensure high availability and security.
  • Industry compliance - Our solutions help you stay compliant with industry regulations.

When your networks are stable, your employees can spend more time working and less time dealing with downtime and IT issues.