Managed IT Services In Pittsburgh & Western PA

Managed IT Services is a support partnership between an IT company and a client. The reason we use the term partnership is that you play a role in ensuring that your IT infrastructure is safe, efficient, and fosters business growth. IT providers like Right Hand work around the clock to monitor your network and provide proactive strategies that reduce or eliminate any project problems that could arise within the technology.

Below, we take a closer look at how managed IT services empowers your company to grow seamlessly as you prepare for the next stage in your organization.

The Difference Between IT Management and IT Maintenance

As technology grows more advanced, IT companies have come to realize that fixing and repairing tech problems as they occur creates a sub-standard approach to technology performance. Thus, companies now have to be more proactive than reactive in dealing with IT issues.

Think about it this way:

Do you want an IT company to fix a security breach after it happens or prevent it from happening in the first place?

That is the distinguishing feature of IT management.

There’s an added element to IT management that genuinely sets it apart from IT maintenance. Companies are now coming out of the dark ages of IT repair and even moving beyond preventative maintenance into the new age of corporate development. In other words, the role of the IT technician is that of an executive that helps the company increase its revenue through various organizational processes (read more below).

So, if a company touts their ability to merely fix a problem, they’re already ten years behind. Thus, they are becoming extinct. Today’s IT leaders now major contributors in:

  • Infrastructure stability
  • Corporate expansion
  • Earned revenue
  • Team empowerment

See the difference?

Elements of a Powerful Managed IT Service

Most business owners and managers are too busy keeping the organization moving forward to think about or even care about IT issues. After all, that’s not their focus. Consequently, they may not know how to establish any criteria for identifying a qualified IT company. As a corporate spearheader, you may find yourself in this situation right now.

So, the question is: How do I align an IT company with my company’s current needs?

The answer is this: A comprehensive managed IT service should contain the following elements:

  • Complete IT Care. An army of technicians that strategically maintain, secure, and monitor IT environments in your facility for optimal operation and uptime
  • Help Desk. Responsive technicians and customer service agents that answer your questions and troubleshoot IT issues to enable continuous workflow
  • Cybersecurity. An impenetrable digital shield that protects your data, in-house assets, and cloud assets through proactive IT security management and incident response
  • Co-Managed IT. A core team or individual expert that supplements the in-house IT staff of mid-size to enterprise-level companies
  • Cloud Services. A platform that leverages the best of cloud solutions to provide cost savings and enable mobility and scaling capability
  • VoIP. Simplified and affordable communication solutions that help businesses make the most of modern, internet-based communications functionality
  • Server Virtualization. Technology that enables cost savings along with backup/disaster recovery functionality
  • Business Continuity. A rock-solid infrastructure that allows your company to stay mobilized regardless of current disasters or circumstances that could shut you down

The short answer: A company that can handle every facet of your IT in a manner that is highly-involved yet non-disruptive.

How Do Managed IT Service Ensure Network Security?

If your company is connected to the Internet at all, then there is currently a 4 in 10 chance that a hacker will break into your system and compromise your network, your employees, and your customers. Considering that there are millions of businesses worldwide and thousands of hackers that never sleep, the risk is high that they will find you and discover a vulnerability in your system. Regardless of how small or large your business is, IT security should be a top priority.

While anti-virus software, VPN subscriptions, and onboard encryption can provide a little protection, it’s just not enough anymore. Hackers and agencies have learned how to bypass the software and invade your network.

An IT company helps you create a secure system by incorporating a wide range of strategies that layer over one another to build a solid hedge around your network. Some strategies that we employ include:

  • Conducting audits of your current setup removing vulnerabilities before unauthorized users put your business at risk.
  • Assessing your network’s ability to ward off attacks by simulating cyber attacks and analyzing the results.
  • Adopting wireless and Wi-Fi to keep hackers and malicious users from gaining access to your corporate network and confidential information.

We also provide an extensive list of services that reinforce security on every level of your network:

  • Network Security
  • Email Security
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Identity Verification
  • Role-Based Access
  • Email Security
  • Spam Filtering
  • Wi-Fi Security
  • Data Encryption
  • Data Backup
  • Physical Security Integration
  • Firewall Implementation and Monitoring
  • Internet Traffic Monitoring
  • Antivirus Implementation and Monitoring

The primary focus of all these services is prevention and risk mitigation. We spend a lot of time and effort in monitoring, identifying, and resolving potential cyber threats before they occur.

Managed IT Services: Contact Us First

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