Simply put, hiring an IT company in Pittsburgh is a significant investment in your company’s future. IT providers operate at the core levels of your business, sustaining your entire IT network and creating a reliable infrastructure.

Therefore, before you hire an IT consultant, you need to have a basic understanding of how IT companies work, what services they provide, and if you can trust them to keep your business from collapsing in the event of an emergency. Below are four questions that you should discuss with IT companies in Pittsburgh before you commit to any service.

1. How Can You Keep My Network and My Data Secure?

Cybersecurity threats are more significant than ever for small and large companies in Pittsburgh. While AI, automation, smart technology, and the Internet of Things all provide opportunities for technological advancement, they also heighten the risk that an authorized user or a hacker can infiltrate a network and steal data or, worse, identities.

Therefore, your top priority as a business owner is to identify IT companies in Pittsburgh that provide the highest level of security against the fiercest attackers. Find a company that takes a proactive approach to prevent cyber attacks instead of reacting to a security breach after the fact.

Solutions that an IT company should provide include:

  • Security assessment. Your provider should provide ongoing audits of your entire network and identify areas that you need to tighten security. A skilled IT consultant can detect vulnerabilities and act quickly before malicious users exploit them.
  • Cyber attack simulation. Look for a company that can put your system to the test by simulating real, modern cyber attacks. A simulation is the most effective means of assessing the strength of your IT defense systems.
  • Network and Wi-Fi Security. Your wireless connections may be your most vulnerable. A company worth hiring recognizes this and puts strategies in place to make those end-to-end connections secure.

Also, ask the IT company for a full list of all areas of your IT that they protect. The ideal company will provide a comprehensive package that provides security for the following:

  • Network and Wi-Fi security
  • Email, spam filtering
  • Identify verification, two-factor authentication, and role-based access
  • Encryption on all levels
  • Data backup and security
  • Firewall, spyware, and antivirus
  • Full IT monitoring

2. Do Your Managed IT Solutions Sustain My Business?

If IT security is your top priority, then business sustainability and growth should be a close second. In today’s market, technology is at the heart of business development and innovation. Digital transformation means staying ahead of technology trends and being ready to implement new technology without disrupting business continuity.

Therefore, you should ignore IT companies in Pittsburgh that are merely fixing networks issue or preventing problems and seek out an IT provider that is truly vested in your company’s growth.

Ask yourself: How do the technology and IT services this company provides help my company get to the next level? What are they doing right now that will prepare my organization for the next wave of growth in the future?

Companies that understand and respect their role in corporate expansion provide proactive and progressive managed IT services that sustain your business and solidify your infrastructure.

What does that look like tangibly? Look for these elements when interviewing an IT provider:

  • An IT team that you can trust to competently take over your entire IT network without leaving any doubt.
  • A provider that can ensure business continuity regardless of environmental or cybersecurity conditions. You must be able to retrieve your data, continue your digital processes, and keep your organization moving no matter what happens.
  • An IT consultant who sees digital transformation as an ongoing process, not just a one-time deal. They are constantly monitoring your system and looking for ways to help you improve and grow your IT.
  • An IT company that offers solutions for your most important systems and processes: VoIP, cloud platforms, cybersecurity, hardware & software, servers, mobile & remote services, unified communications, structured cabling — basically everything.

3. Let’s Talk Contracts & Pricing: What Can I Expect?

Never hire an IT company that isn’t upfront about their pricing structure or their contracts. When not handled properly, these issues are what bring tension into a business relationship. So, when talking with IT companies in Pittsburgh about pricing and contracts, be assertive and ask the hard questions.


Sometimes a company’s pricing structure is more complicated than the IT technology they provide. There is no right or wrong way to charge for IT service. Every company does it differently. What is essential, however, is that the provider has no hidden fees or expenses and that you understand exactly what you are paying for.

The current trend with IT companies right now is to wipe away the complicated fee structures and to either charge a flat-fee or a monthly fee that covers everything. The company tells you what services and products they provide, they tell you how much it is going to cost every month, and you decide which plan you want to purchase.


Like pricing, contracts can be complicated. Therefore, it is the IT company’s responsibility to clearly outline every part of the agreement so that you have a clear understanding of what you agree to. What are the terms of the contract? What conditions or circumstances allow you to break the contract? How is your company limited by the agreement? What does the agreement allow? Arrangements may also include Service Level Agreements where the company outlines what services they provide or the limits to these services.

4. What Type of Customer Support Do You Provide?

An IT provider’s level of customer support is a clear indication of how much they value their clients.

Keep in mind, that you need to align the level of customer support with your company’s needs. For instance, if you are a startup company that operates 9 to 5, Monday through Friday with limited IT, you may only need a company that provides services during these hours. However, if you are a larger corporation or a company that offers services during extended hours, then you probably need a company that offers 24/7 help desk services.

You also want to look for a company that provides a two-tier help desk service that includes:

Remote Support

Most IT issues can be fixed remotely. This provides a significant advantage over on-site support, because technicians can fix a problem quickly. Getting in a car and driving to your business site takes time. An IT provider should be able to give you remote support for most of your IT issues.

On-Site Support

However, some issues cannot be fixed over the phone. Therefore, an IT company should be able to provide on-site support for more pressing issues or emergencies. You should be able to depend on your IT company to respond quickly when these issues arise.

Ask companies about the best way to submit an IT help ticket. You may have options to request support via an app, over the phone, or by sending an email.

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