BIA Webinar


October is  National Cybersecurity Awareness Month!

Making this Crucial Mistake in Cyber Security could put you out of business!

Is your Business Impact analysis (BIA) up to date? What is a BIA you are asking? It is meant to help you understand how critical the operational functions are to the business, and if one of those functions stopped, how quickly would you be out of business. To prevent losing your business and all the hard work you put in, a BIA helps you put proper protections in place to ensure you can recover before crossing that devastating threshold.  COVID has highlighted the need for understanding the impact of unexpected events. To add fuel to the fire, hackers are trying to capitalize on the current chaos. Now is the time to complete your first BIA or complete your next BIA!

Join Right Hand Technology Group as we kick off this webinar series and walk you through today’s risks, as well as how to effectively conduct a Business Impact Analysis. Sign up now and find out how you can protect your business!